Extragenital endometriosis and ultrasound

Extragenital endometriosis and ultrasound By Irem Onur

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) is a non-invasive imaging method with no exposure to radiation. There are a few reports on the use of CEUS in the assessment of endometriosis in the literature. Dong et al. reported 3 histopathologically proven cases of…

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Personalised Medicine for Endometriosis?

Personalised Medicine for Endometriosis? By Özge Özkaya

The lining of the uterus of women with endometriosis is different from that of women without the disease even if they have chronic pelvic pain found a study published in the scientific journal Biology of Reproduction. The difference is found…

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"Kissing Round Ligaments" May Be a Sign of Bladder Endometriosis

By Özge Özkaya

Specific laparoscopic findings may help surgeons diagnose bladder endometriosis, a rare and often undiagnosed condition.  Bladder endometriosis is thought to affect only around one percent of patients with endometriosis. However, this could be an underestimation and many cases may go…

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