Bladder Endometriosis

Bladder Endometriosis By Demet Candaş Green

Bladder endometriosis is rare – about 1-2% of women with endometriosis may have endometrial lesions in their urinary tract. Diagnosis of bladder endometriosis is difficult because of its nonspecific symptoms such as frequent urination, pelvic pain, and burning sensation when…

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"Kissing Round Ligaments" May Be a Sign of Bladder Endometriosis

By Özge Özkaya

Specific laparoscopic findings may help surgeons diagnose bladder endometriosis, a rare and often undiagnosed condition.  Bladder endometriosis is thought to affect only around one percent of patients with endometriosis. However, this could be an underestimation and many cases may go…

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