Patient- centeredness in endometriosis

Patient- centeredness in endometriosis By Bahar Yuksel

Endometriosis is common in fertile age, and women with endometriosis are suffering from serious symptoms including pelvic discomfort, dysmenorrhea, and infertility. Due to resemblances of endometriosis symptoms with other diseases, most endometriosis patients are faced with delays in diagnosis. To…

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Patient-centered endometriosis care

Patient-centered endometriosis care By Hale Goksever Celik

Endometriosis is defined as endometrial glands and stroma that exist outside the uterine cavity. Ectopic endometrial tissue and resultant inflammation can cause dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia, chronic pain, and infertility, all of which reduce the quality of life. The aim of the…

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