Pain Scoring System for Deep Endometriosis

 Pain Scoring System for Deep Endometriosis By Selma Oransay

The numeric pain scale is commonly used to interpret pain score values. According to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines, pain scores of 4-7 points indicate moderate, and  8-10 points indicate severe pain. Patients with a local pain score of…

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"Speckle sign": a novel transvaginal ultrasound finding for posterior compartment endometriosis

By Nasuhi Engin Aydin

Dr. Balcacer and associates from three medical institutions located in the USA report the results of their retrospective study on deep infiltrating endometriosis utilizing transvaginal ultrasound examination and the proposed  “speckle sign” in the "Journal of Ultrasound Medicine". Pelvic ultrasound…

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