Osteopontin and Endometriosis

Osteopontin and Endometriosis By Dr. Youngran Park

Although characterized as a benign disease, some properties of endometriosis mimic malignant tissues such as proliferation, cell invasion, and metastasis. Osteopontin, also called secreted phosphoprotein 1, is one of the important molecular targets in cancer progression and metastasis. Osteopontin has been…

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An overlooked symptom of endometriosis: Fatigue

An overlooked symptom of endometriosis: Fatigue By Timur Seckin

A majority of endometriosis patients experience fatigue. This is according to a multicenter study conducted by a group of researchers from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Fatigue, and feeling spoonie, may be a symptom of endometriosis affecting the daily activities and…

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