PROPOFOL: a new combat for endometriosis?

PROPOFOL: a new combat for endometriosis? By Selma Oransay

Feng et al, from the Department of  Gynecology Weifang Medical University Hospital, Shandong, China, recently published their prospective experimental research in the journal Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine. Propofol, a rapid and short-term anesthetic substance, recently has been shown to prevent cancer through inhibiting…

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Oxidative Stress and Endometriosis

Oxidative Stress and Endometriosis By Murat Osman

Endometriosis is a disease characterized by ectopic endometrial tissue outside the endometrium and is associated with a background of a chronic inflammation. Recent studies have aimed to elucidate the inflammatory mediators involved in endometriotic lesions by studying immune cell interactions,…

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