No way to sleep when you suffer from pain

No way to sleep when you suffer from pain By Bahar Yuksel

Having chronic disease might alter the sleep quality and disturb sleeping periods. Besides insomnia, endometriosis itself changes the pain sensitivity and increases the body’s reaction to inflammatory and painful inputs. Thus, as a chronic and painful long-term situation, the relation…

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It is "pain" that causes sleep disturbances and fatigue in endometriosis patients

It is By Bahar Yuksel

Endometriosis has been studied previously about its effects on quality of life and the possible effects on sleeping periods. The study conducted by Federica Facchin et al. questioned the reason for endometriosis to cause sleep disturbance. The authors have divided…

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Endometriosis and Insomnia

Endometriosis and Insomnia By Timur Seckin

There should be more awareness among clinicians for the relationship between insomnia and endometriosis, the study suggests. There needs to be a suspect of endometriosis whenever the clinician faces women of reproductive age with sleep or insomnia-related symptoms. This symptom is…

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An overlooked symptom of endometriosis: Fatigue

An overlooked symptom of endometriosis: Fatigue By Timur Seckin

A majority of endometriosis patients experience fatigue. This is according to a multicenter study conducted by a group of researchers from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Fatigue, and feeling spoonie, may be a symptom of endometriosis affecting the daily activities and…

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