Vishaan Nursey

Senior at Johns Hopkins pursuing a major in Neuroscience with a passion for spreading scientific knowledge and helping people feeling pain.

Endometriosis linked with increased risk of cancer and frequency of future surgical procedures

The purpose of this data research was to determine how women with endometriosis might be predisposed to other medical conditions later on in their lives. In order to determine if endometriosis affected health outcomes, a group of Scottish researchers collected data from over 17,800 women who suffer from endometriosis. They tracked their medical history over a 29-year time span to determine the incidence of cancer and surgical procedures. They found that the incidence of subsequent gynecological surgery was 12% higher…

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Arcyriaflavin A Decreases Endometriosis Cell Viability and Proliferation

The purpose of this research topic was to determine whether Arcyriaflavin A could serve as a potential new therapeutic option for those suffering from Endometriosis. Arcyriaflavin A is a Cyclin D1 inhibitor. Cyclin D1 regulates the cell cycle by interacting with the enzymes CDK4 and CDK6. Therefore, a Cyclin D1 inhibitor, like Arcyriaflavin A has the potential to disrupt the cell cycle by indirectly affecting the enzymes that regulate the cycle. In this experiment, Endometriotic cyst stromal cells were collected…

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