Inhibiting killer on the move

Inhibiting killer on the move By Yu Yu

The three main forms of endometriosis are superficial, ovarian, and deep endometriosis. The latter is defined by the presence of endometriotic nodules that are deeper than 5 mm. Deep endometriosis is considered the most aggressive and is associated with severe…

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Anogenital distance and endometriosis

Anogenital distance and endometriosis By Timur Seckin

Endometriosis may be associated with exposure of the embryo to chemicals called ‘endocrine disruptors’. Exposure to endocrine disruptors can be estimated by measuring the anogenital distance (i.e. the distance between the clitoris and the anus), using a centimeter ruler with…

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Progressive nature of ovarian endometrioma

Progressive nature of ovarian endometrioma By Yu Yu

The effective management of endometriosis requires a proper understanding of how the condition progress as women age, especially for those women with early onset of endometriosis. Several studies have tried to characterize the evolution of endometriosis. Some of the key…

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