EndoNews wants to focus on a very important issue: COVID-19.

Having started as “pneumonia of unknown cause” from Wuhan-China on December 2019 with a link to a seafood wholesale market, Covid-19 spread throughout the world and, as of April 7*, has a current count of 1.400K confirmed cases and 76.500 deaths in total. This number is of course changing every day. The U.S., approximately 7500 miles away from China, has 370K confirmed cases and more than 11K deaths, as of April 7*. The overall mortality rate is 5.5%, ranging from 1.7% (Germany) to 12.5% (Italy).

It is apparent that Covid-19 is a serious threat. The virus can kill elderly people with existing health problems in addition to healthy adults. Furthermore, Covid-19 is easily transmitted; the infected person spreads the disease to at least two or three others, at an exponential rate. It can be transmitted by people who are asymptomatic, and can be airborn, meaning it can hang in the air for a certain period.

We must practice social distancing, as in, we must isolate and stay at home. It is the only way to prevent transmission from asymptomatic people. After all, the virus has a long incubation period before symptoms appear.

We want to thank the healthcare workers, scientists, doctors, and nurses who are at the forefront of this pandemic. They have never been as important. They are under huge stress; from needing to save the lives of patients, trying to protect their own health, as well as advocating for an improvement in the way health professionals respond to the outbreak, they are juggling an immense amount of responsibility. 

While the Endometriosis Foundation of America continues to support endometriosis community, EndoNews will do the same by continuing to summarize recently published peer-reviewed scientific articles. Our gratitude goes to healthcare workers, patients, relatives, and those have been affected by the virus. We stand with them and want to extend our condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases map developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering.



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