Deniz Kocas

Deniz Kocas is studying for her MA in Psychology at The New School and is aspiring to become a clinical psychologist. She has a background in pharmacy and health policy, and has worked within the National Health Service in England and the pharmaceutical sector in Belgium and Turkey.


Ambiguous experience: Destructive or Constructive

A diagnostic delay of 4-12 years is reported among women with endometriosis, which is explained by the lack of awareness of endometriosis as a medical condition among patients and healthcare professionals. In searching for a diagnosis, patients encounter many healthcare professionals (HCPs), however, little research has explored their experiences. The purpose of this study was to provide an insight to the healthcare experiences of women with endometriosis. Nine women with endometriosis were interviewed and were analyzed using an interpretative phenomenological…

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Coping with vulvovaginal pain in intimate situations

Chronic vulvovaginal pain has a serious impact on women’s lives, affecting daily activities including sexual activities. Avoiding sexual activity has been shown to be a central coping strategy in other pain populations and has also been seen in women with vulvovaginal pain, but there is limited support for the impact over time. Avoidance behavior is important as it mediates the link between pain catastrophizing and pain-related outcomes. An alternative coping strategy for women with vulvovaginal pain considers endurance: instead of avoiding…

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Psychosocial impact of endometriosis

In this review article, researchers from Switzerland report a review to outline the consequences of endometriosis on the psychological, sexual, and interpersonal functioning of both patients and their partners, in the journal Best Practice & Research Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology. Women with endometriosis experience a wide range of pelvic pain, which has four key consequences on patients: psychological, sexual, relationship, and social. Women with endometriosis report heightened psychological distress, including higher levels of pain catastrophizing, stress and more depression and…

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